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Loombound hand bound leather journals. A book arts collaborative by Erica Ekrem and Jane Gray on Orcas Island, WA.


The LOOMBOUND Story; a sisterhood


In 2014, two women overlooked the Salish Sea with a passion woven from the same cloth– to make books, to dream, to grow, to share.

Erica Ekrem, mother, tea lover, designer; Jane Gray, grower, illustrator, alchemist.

Erica wove her books as if by magic and welcomed Jane as an apprentice, gracefully passing on the ways of, the mystery of, what it means to sew a tome with two hands and the materials of the Earth. 

They would meet at first light and in the dark hours of the night to bring into being traditionally bound books for holding the stories of the heart.

Now in this blossoming paradigm of 2016, the two sisters are called into a new way of sharing their work. From their hands flow patterns born of synergy, of the divine mystery created when the separate visions of two are poured into the container of one– LOOMBOUND.

Their books and leather goods are thoughtfully crafted by hand and infused with heart to serve as a gentle reminder of the goodness that arises when we open our imaginations, our minds, and our hearts to welcome in the life around us.